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After successfully creating Engage Builder we got thinking "How could we make this software even better". We decided to create a number of add-on features that we thought up that can improve your current Engage Builder software and allow you to have more flexibility as you sell and engage through your videos online. 

What's Included With This PRO Features Package:
10 'ANIMATED' Engage Builder Templates
  • You're getting over 10 additional Engage Builder templates you can use for your webinar promotions. These landing pages are super easy to edit and look great!
Amazon S3 For Protected Hosting

You can now with Engage Builder PRO connect Amazon S3 with your account. All of your videos will now be hosted on one of the best servers on the web. For a low cost you can use Amazon S3. Your videos will never go down, they will run super fast and you'll be able to upload everything through your single Engage Builder Account.

Facebook Integration

Engage Builder now works with Facebook. Within a single click you can push your Engage Pages to Facebook. You can now engage traffic within Facebook, capture Opt-Ins, and make even more money over the biggest Traffic Source on the web.

Video Search

One of the most powerful features of Engage Builder is that you can use 'External Videos' on your Engage Pages to capture leads, traffic and sales. You can with this upgrade search throughout the web from right inside your Engage Builder dashboard to find the right videos for your pages. You can then leverage those videos popping up engagements, Opt-In forms and call to action buttons overtop.

Save Your Videos

With this new upgrade inside of Engage Builder PRO all of your videos are saved when they are added to the system. You can use your videos for future use, use external videos for future use or keep track of the videos you use. They are split into 3 different categories to make it super simple to navigate your videos and use them in future from within the Engage Builder system.

Reporting & Analytics

As part of this upgrade you get full analytics to view everything about your video. You can see exactly how many people have viewed the videos and when. You're also able to see how high your conversion rate is based on traffic numbers and make decisions on how well an offer is converting or not. 

Automatic Future Updates

As part of this PRO features package you're going to receive future updates to the package. We're constantly working on new features and improvements to the software. When you get access to Engage Builder PRO you wont have to pay anything extra for the updates - you'll receive them all automatically for free.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try our PRO FEATURES package today, use it, sell as many copies as you want and if for whatever reason you're not thrilled by the results, let us know and we will refund your money 100%. Our support desk is ready to help you if you decide you want to use your 30 day money back guarantee.

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