Instantly Generate More Leads & Sales ‘ethically forcing’ Visitors To Take Actions As Soon As They Hit ‘Play’ On ANY Webpage.

New SMART player grabs your visitor’s attention then forces your visitor to make a decision.
“Become a lead, buy or go to the next step” It all happens as soon as they hit the ‘play’ button.

What People Are Saying

“Engage Builder is one impressive piece of software. I love how easy it is to use and the membership sites look great. My advice, jump in while they have it at a one off cost. What a bargain."
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“If you want to sell more, engage your audience all while generating leads at a higher rate I highly recommend this software. It’s easy to use, takes just minutes to setup and makes it much easier to engage your visitors."
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Use ‘Engage Builder’ to engage visitors
and force them to pay attention.

Today you’re here because you want to make more money from your websites.

Engage Builder can help you do that.

Before I show you how ‘Engage Builder’ can transform your website
into an engaging animated sales tool... here’s why we created it!

Studies have shown that your visitors much prefer to respond, watch and engage with ‘videos, websites and images’ instead of text.

People are more likely to stay on your website longer, engage with your website and take actions if your videos and sites are more ‘visually appealing’.

Sounds simple enough? Have a video on your website make more money? Right?

Yes and No… with so many different videos and video creators online people are now spoilt for choice. Your visitors only watch a video for 9 seconds on average. In most cases 9 seconds isn’t enough time to convince a visitor they should buy.

Think about your own behaviour for a minute…

How many tabs do you have open your browser right now?

How long do you spend on each one?

When you visit a sales page or watch a sales video…how long does it take before you skip parts or just close the whole thing altogether?

How long before you will stop reading what I am writing right now?

You’ve made it this far so you’re doing better than most :P

Fact is: Your visitors are no different than you.
Would You Like To Turn "Window Shoppers" visiting your website into paying customers?

When your visitors look at your product as a potential solution to their problem they have only one thing running through their mind.

If that’s unclear then here’s what they do:

The only way to prevent this from happening is to

If your visitor isn’t engaged or you aren’t addressing their needs there is nothing stopping them

from scrolling away. Here’s the solution that’s going to keep them around:

‘Ethically force’

them to engage with your video!

Want to know the ugly truth about videos?

Once upon a time, ANY old sales video would work. Watching video online used to be something ‘new’. A professionally created video would grab a visitors attention without question.

Unfortunately, today videos are so common, they are becoming “blended” with all the other forms of advertising on a sales page. The internet is loaded with them and 99% of sales videos are paused by visitors within seconds… and RARELY watched to the end.

Even if you are lucky and actually have a fantastic video which your customers watch… And even like... They will move onto the next THING without buying.

What if there was a better way?

What if your videos would not only engage visitors but also commanded their attention and action.

Take Your Video From “Seconds Of Entertainment” To “Sales”... In 3 Easy Steps

Create Engagements That...

Engage your visitors with highly interactive Call-To-Actions that cause your viewers to act within seconds.

Increases conversions even before visitors finish watching the video.

Interact with the your page using our special ‘Page Engage’ Technology

Choose from a variety of HTML elements and apply animation effects to any element

Place Your Engagements On Any Page

Landing Pages

Webinar Pages

Sales Pages

Membership Pages

Imagine The Following Scenario:

Every single visitor who comes to your page is suddenly 10 times more likely to actually finish watching your video. More than that. They not only enjoy the content of your video, they also engage with the personal, customized Call-To-Actions directly on your page... or in a Video Overlay.

Not the annoying “scream in your face” call to actions.

Instead: customer friendly, customized engagements that are highly relevant and perfectly integrated with your video. So your sales attempts are not aggressive interruptions… Instead, they are now part of the smooth flow of your video.

Engage Builder FORCES your visitors to take action while they
watch your video. Our proven technology helps you in two powerful ways:

You can engage visitors within
seconds of them landing
on your page.

You can increase conversions
and turn visitors into customers even
before they have finished your video.

This is how it happens:

As soon as you sign up for Engage Builder today you will have access to these special benefits:

Customize your pages and create high converting videos:

Use Youtube videos,Vimeo or your own MP4 files. Display Videos, images, Text, Custom Buttons or Optin forms with our convenient online tool.

Force visitors to take guaranteed action as soon as they start watching your video:

“Lock” displayed content for instant user interaction. Alternatively freeze the video and feature a powerful call to action engagement. “Unlock” content at any point of the video.

Make sure your customer sees it all by creating “stop and start” videos:

Thanks to our breakthrough “Intelligent Playback” feature, Engage Builder automatically stops the video when your customers switches tabs. When they come come back, the video will pick up from the same place and display all call to actions from before.

Use Engage Builder to increase conversions on all your websites:

Once you sign up you can use Engage Builder on all your websites including, sales pages, blogs membership sites and squeeze pages.

Use our ‘Page Engage Technology’

Build dynamic Call To Actions not only on top of your videos, but also all around your videos. Time your “engagements” with your videos to reveal engaging, stylish text, buttons, images, other videos or insert your own html code. Our system makes it ‘Drag N Drop’ Easy!

Customize your video according to your needs:

With Engage Builder you can create the ultimate video and match it perfectly to the theme of your website. Our master features allow you to customize everything down to the smallest details such as: Video Looping, Hide & Auto play settings, “Intro” and “Outro” feature for any video.


Report view times across multiple Engage Builders to get important engagement data.


Integrate your autoresponder to instantly push leads into your email marketing funnels.

Content Animations:

Choose from over 12 different content animations which can be used for each “Engagement Point”.

Create Unlimited Engagement Builders

and use them across your entire website to really grab attention and convert into action takers.

What Experts Are Saying About Engage Builder:
This is a cool software that's going to help you grab prospect attention and convert them to buyers.
Andrew Darius
It’s almost like turning your page into a video itself. Engaging, easy to use and looks great. You’ll love how this new software transforms your pages.
Abhi Dwivedi
If you want to enhance your visitors experience on your website and engage them like they have never seen before Engage Builder is the answer. This new technology is a must-have for your business.
Firas Alameh

Engage Builder Includes:

All these and MANY more features are built into Engage Builder – the smartest video engagement technology that you can get your hands on.

So if you’re using video to sell your products or services this page engagement software is an absolute MUST.

Don’t wait around – jump in now to secure this smart software before it’s increased to a much higher monthly fee.

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